Shoot BitTorrent app for peer-to-peer mobile file sharing – New app

BitTorrent is back in the news, & this time there’s an app for file sharing on mobile devices.

Well, to be specific, the Shoot app from BitTorrent, Inc. allows you to share batches of images or a large video on your mobile device directly with your friends.

The Shoot app uses BitTorrent Sync’s peer-to-peer technology. So files move about directly between people, & are never uploaded or saved on to some server or Cloud storage.

Your data can therefore be shared while still keeping it completely private between you & the people you are sharing it with.

It’s also pretty easy to use, & it doesn’t matter which device or network your friends invited to participate in the sharing are on. Shoot will just work & include all the Android, iOS & Windows Phone users you have invited to create a peer-to-peer network & move your files across to their devices.

All you have to do is download the app for Android, iOS or Windows. Open the app & tap send to begin selecting photos or videos to send. The people on your “sharing network” must scan the QR code that pops up. Remember that this is peer-to-peer sharing, so the more people you have, the faster & more reliable it will be.

Once this is done, the items selected for sharing will automatically start being transferred between devices.

Receiving items using Shoot is always completely free. The first three sends are also free. After that, an in-app purchase of US $1.99 enables unlimited sending.

Click here to get the Shoot BitTorrent app for mobile file sharing for iOS devices from the App Store.

Click here to get the Shoot app for Android devices from Google Play.

Click here to get the Shoot app for Windows Phone.


Image Credit: Shoot




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