‘SendBird’ can provide a “simple” messaging solution

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‘SendBird’ is a messaging solution for Web & mobile marketing platforms that aims to enhance usability & user engagement via real time updates, resulting in increased user session time & frequency. It’s a complete package that can be incorporated into virtually any Web or mobile platform & includes both front-end UI & back-end components.

The idea is to preclude developers from wasting time reinventing the wheel each time messaging functionality & infrastructure is needed by providing access to a state of the art platform that can easily be incorporated into virtually any environment. According to SendBird, this can result in a 2x-10x cost reduction in development & maintenance costs VS in-house or custom developments.

It can power apps & games based on iOS, Android, Unity & JavaScript. Messages can be synced & ordered across multiple devices, displaying the typing status of other participants in the conversation & can show who read what in real-time.

SendBird has other powerful features, like the possibility of enabling safe messaging by using profanity filters, the ability of a user to block other users to prevent abuse & trolling. There is no limit on message size, including images & other message types. The operational tools available to an administrator includes an analytics dashboard for messaging usage in an app, controls to enable search & delete of messages & a community management feature to actively engage users in an app.

SendBird’s pricing model is highly customizable & based on a tiered monthly active users (MAU) model, offering an unsupported free basic package with a maximum MAU of 1,000 users. The next tier is their “Sprout” package, which ups the MAU to 10,000 users with a basic care (support) plan for US $49/month, then Tree (30,000 MAU) & Park (100,000 MAU) plans, which include enhanced support plans & the ability to broadcast messages, for $149 & $499 MAU, respectively. A custom Enterprise plan is also available.

The platform is currently being widely deployed worldwide by a growing number of startups & up & coming companies, like the music streaming app Beat, the 1km dating app & the FreeStyle Baseball 2 mobile game (with more than 1 million users).

John S. Kim is the CEO of the San Francisco, California, US-based startup recently stated that the previous startup in which he was involved had a difficult time finding a solution to easily build chat communities & messaging features for their apps. This resulted in the development of the product that is now SendBird.

– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. –
Image Credit: SendBird
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