Send secret messages with ‘Timebomb Messenger’ – New app

This next app is an interesting one. ‘Timebomb Messenger’ allows you to send secret messages that can only be open at your specified moment. With Timebomb you can send a photo, video, GIF or text. You can then decide when your recipient can view the message. The app allows you to send messages to any day in the future. Also, you can “drop” messages on the map for your friends to find.

Timebomb Messenger allows you to trigger messages you’ve sent to your friends at a spontaneous moment when they least expect it. With the app, you can also broadcast “timebombs” to all of your friends at once. In addition, it allows you to send private messages to your closest pals just like other messengers. You can chat on timebombs you have sent either before or even after they have blown up.

To use Timebomb Messenger, you have to sign up. In the past few years, Online privacy has been a major issue. According to its developers, regarding the Content you share with your friends in the app: they auto-delete the Content of your timebomb from their servers when they detect that all your intended recipients have seen it. However, for their ‘Broadcast’ feature they may retain the Content shared indefinitely.

In order for your friends to receive your timebombs, they, too, will also need to have the app. Because the app is still new to the market & hence a small audience, you will probably notice that most of your messages will not be delivered. The developers may consider the integration of the app to existing platforms such as Facebook Messenger to make it more effective.

The app is currently only available to iOS users. Its latest version is free to download on App Store & supports both English & Spanish. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad & iPod touch & requires the device to run iOS 8.0 or later.

Timebomb Messenger was developed by Timebomb App, LLC.

Click here to download Timebomb Messenger on your iOS device.


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