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‘Authpush’ is an app that allows its users to quickly send mobile notifications to their audience. This service is free for use by anybody who feels the need to keep the audience in the loop & updated.

According to the companys’ official Website, the service doesn’t require any body to have any special technical skills & therefore, it would mean that no matter your level of knowledge of integration, you can use this platform to keep your users always updated.

Here are some features of Authpush:

  • Send notifications; this is a simple yet a powerful manager allowing you to send notifications easily, managing the users & also helps you to customize the apps’ information.
  • The Enroller: Authpush promises of a quick easy & fast experience of the enroller & all you need is linking which will get your users ready for your Authpush app enrolled on their device.

The Authpush iOS application a simple, beautiful & has a functional design which will allow your users to receive notifications from the Authpush on their phone making the process very easy & fast.

Check this video:

What you can do with the app

You will find that utilizing the app is quite easy & straight-forward. 1st, you will be able to get notifications on your phone for your Website meaning that you can allow the websites that use Authpush send you some push notifications using the app straight into your phone, tailored for you.

2ndly, you will find that the app is very easy to customize & use. You can view your apps on the Authpush home screen & when the notifications seems like they are becoming too much, you can easily erase them.

You will also find that adding apps is quite easy. All you need to do is use the 6-digit code from the Authpush Site & sync your device with the code. Lastly, starting the apps is quite easy also as there are no usernames or passwords whatsoever you are required to use.

The makers of the apps promises to give a wholesome excellent user experience so that you send notifications easily & comfortably. The application is a product of Authbase company founded in 2016 & based on Hyderabad, Telangana.

The app is a service by Authbase which was set up in Feb 2018, & also provides 2 other services Authcrypt & Authpush (tba).

– This is a startup profile based on publicly available material & not a review –

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