See how your UI design looks on any iOS device with ‘Auto-Layout’

iOS devices come in a bunch of different screen sizes. Your app will not look the same on an iPhone SE as on an iPhone 7, or even on an iPad in portrait mode as it looks in landscape mode. Now with this new plugin called ‘Auto-Layout’ for your Mac’s Sketch program you can define & preview different iOS device sizes.

In fact, Auto-Layout integrates seamlessly with Sketch & goes as far as to generate an overview for all artboards all at once. The plugin is pretty thorough & generates views for the following devices:

  • iPad Pro Portrait 1024×1366

  • iPad Pro Landscape 1366×1024

  • iPad portrait 768×1024

  • iPad Landscape 1024×768

  • iPhone 7 Plus 414×736

  • iPhone 7 375×667

  • iPhone SE 320×568

  • Apple Watch 42mm 312×390

  • Apple Watch 38mm 272×340

You can get the plugin for free from its GitHub page here. To install it, just open the .zip file & click on ‘AutoLayoutPlugin.sketchplugin’. Then, for each layer, you define its constraints & generate the overview to assure that your design is looking good on all screen sizes.

The plugin is made available by New York, USA-based Anima, known for other design apps for the Mac like Anima App & Sketch-to-Code. Anima & Anima Studio have a vibrant community in place in Facebook as well as a helpful Slack channel. You can join in their beta programs if you wish to try out new functionality, & if you want to contribute ideas to their product road map you can even access the roadmap on Trello.


- This is a startup profile based on publicly available material & not a review. - 

Image Credit: Auto-Layout



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