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screensharingAs they say, the world is now a global village & the advancement in technology by the day sure proves it right. Thanks to technology the mandatory 9 am meeting on Monday rarely happens in the dull conference room of your office. It is all virtual now, folks.

Adding to this eco-system now is ‘ScreenMeet’, a screen sharing smartphone app, calling itself the 1st secure mobile app enabling instant screen sharing from your desktop or Android to any device. It is yet to launch on iOS.

Competing with the already popular GoToMeeting & Join.me, ScreenMeet promises to make the process simpler.

Once you have ScreenMeet downloaded on your computer & Android device, you are all set. What makes it easier for the attendees is that they do not require downloading this app. They would just require an HTML5-enabled browser. Up to 25 attendees can join the meeting.

The navigation is fairly simple on the app. But for those having any trouble understanding the app, there is an option to schedule a demo or speak to a tech exec, who can take you through the process.

ScreenMeet is created by Ben Lilienthal & Eugene Abovsky. Lilienthal, CEO, has in the past, started & sold VoIP audio conferencing service to Citrix Online. He has also worked on the audio for GoToMeeting. Abovsky, CTO, has been developing real time systems since several years. He has over 15 years of experience as a software architect & developer.

During the launch, Lilienthal pointed out that the then collaboration software “is bloated with unnecessary features”.

“It’s mired in the past & makes us adapt to it instead of it adapting to the way we work now. That frustration inspired us to create ScreenMeet,” he had said.

“ScreenMeet complements the emerging tools used by the distributed workforce, like Slack for messaging, Box for files or Google Docs for content development.”

ScreenMeet is ideal for:

  • Sales teams
  • Account management groups at companies of all sizes
  • Anyone who needs to share information remotely


As of now, ScreenMeet is a free app. However, it is likely to cost US $10/month or $100/year in the future. ScreenMeet has raised $1.6 million from RRE, New Atlantic Ventures & angel investors. Based in San Francisco, California, USA, ScreenMeet was launched Dec 15.

Click here to download ScreenMeet on your Android device.


– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. –

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