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Most of the times we find ourselves writing the same type of emails over & over again. This next startup will surely help you save a lot of time by reducing this chore.

Templates for Gmail is a Chrome extension that allows you to create & customize functional templates for your Gmail Inbox. With a few clicks, the extension allows you to customize easy-to-integrate templates. With this extension, you are able to write faster with the templates that can be for any use. This means you can easily follow up with your customers easily. You can as well reach out to more clients with these outbound email templates improving your networking as well.

According to its developers, with the extension’s dashboard, you can edit as well as delete your templates swiftly. The extension saves you multiple trips from sent to draft boxes on your Gmail. The extension also integrates built-in HTML templates.

To add the HTML templates, you just need to write any HTML tag you would want & it appears formatted in the email’s field. The developers also claim that soon they integrate an attachment support feature for the email templates.

Unlike most extensions in Chrome where templates come packed with other unwanted stuff, Templates for Gmail is somehow lightweight & easy.

This extension was developed by Jordan Gonen & Gavin who are based in Panama.



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