Use satellite images of Earth to create phone wallpapers


Changing wallpapers on your smartphone is 1 of those activities that offer great choice. But let’s say you are sick of inanity, stock pretty pictures or mindless geometric designs. To counter that, senior software developer at Yandex, designer Konstantin Kiselyov has released a free app containing breathtaking pictures of our planet which you can download on your iPhone (for now) to use as wallpaper.

If you are curious about where the image is from, go to the overview & read about it on the research team’s page. Links to the original scientific sources are added as well. Yandex is 1 of the largest Internet operating companies in Russia. Co-designer Sergey Minkin has promised a special Mars collection & an Android app soon.

WLPPR has a massive collection of mobile wallpapers from sources as varied as NASA, Earthstar Geographics & ESA. The aim is to give people a chance to appreciate the natural beauty of the planet we live on, without “prettifying” the satellite images. New images are added every week to the galleries, so users can access a greater variety. Images can be shared through social media, allowing you to build your own collection of favorite photos.

Image Credit: WLPPR




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