‘Room for More’ is the Most Useful Startup of the Month – Dec 2015

mostusefulstartuplogoTo say that December has been a hectic month would be an understatement. We featured scores of startups & new smartphone apps. Thus, the competition for the title of the ‘Most Useful Startup’ of the month was intense. Finally, our editorial team settled on ‘Room for More’. This freeing-up-space on your phone app has been developed by Litl, a privately funded product innovator based out of Boston, MA, USA.

The developer claims that with smartphone cameras upping their game, the number of users wanting more storage for their pictures & videos is bound to rise. Users of smartphones also text, download & use apps, store notes & receive voicemails. Storage is quality real estate for them. This is where this new app comes in. John Chuang is the innovator who has developed the app, & Litl is part of the parent company, Aquent.

Our congratulations to team Room for More.

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