‘RevTwo’ provides in-app real-time support for mobile app customers

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If you develop apps for smartphones you know that it can be costly & burdensome to provide an in-depth support experience for your customers. The ‘RevTwo’ in-app support platform steps in with the tools needed to provide a professional-level experience that connects users to the help they need right within the app as they are using it through audio, video & screen share, driving faster problem resolution.

It also offers community support that is free for developers to integrate into apps & lets users connect directly with other users around the world to get support right within the app. The environment is free for developers to use through testing, & provides insight into problems at the software level, rooting out issues before releasing your app to production.

As they state on the RevTwo website, an active app community drives retention & just looking at some of their example scenarios, you can appreciate the usefulness of the platform, which goes beyond traditional support to provide interesting & engaging community-related interaction for your app:

  • Education: Learning algebra from a teacher in Arizona
  • Sports: Young chess player learning from a grand master
  • Commerce: ‘Live’ references before you buy
  • Enterprise: Getting help from coworkers
  • Home: How do I set this up?
  • Gaming: How do I get past this level?
  • Travel: Get help booking your trip
  • Medical: Answer questions and improve patient outcomes

Most developers are well aware that the simplicity & security afforded by the fact that mobile apps run in a sandbox makes it very difficult to diagnose problems & to provide support. RevTwo allows for support tools to see what is happening inside the sandbox by embedding code from RevTwo’s library SDK within the app. The team here claims that an app integration takes as little as 10 minutes.

RevTwo’s capabilities include logging, data collection, embedded database changes, browse & upload/download files & an UI workflow which allows users to request help triggering a support ticket. This way you can see what your customers see & talk to them while they use your app & of course community ticketing/support is a unique & powerful feature which is included in the platform.

The startup was founded by Dale Calder & Jim Hansen who also co-founded internet-of-things company Axeda. Currently, use of the platform is free & developers can ask to join in RevTwo’s Website.

 – This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. - 
Image Credit: RevTwo
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