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Most Online marketers’ Websites use text-based forms to interface with their customers. This can be clumsy & boring & turn potential clients off if not done right. Now you can switch out your forms for engaging chatbots with Tars.

This is the new way of collecting user input instead of using the traditional method of filling forms. The questions are asked 1 at a time by a chatbot that you previously train & the replies to the questions are saved so you can take action or extract more info via the chat interface. No AI tech is involved, so the

To create an instance of a bot, which you can easily incorporate into any Webpage, Tars comes with a builder platform with a simple drag & drop interface. Then, for each question you define the kind of response you expect from your user. It can be structured data, plain text, button, start rating, geo-location, date/time… & choose the appropriate UI element.

According to the Bengaluru, India-based co-founder of Tars, the platform will help you make money by getting leads that are easier to convert. By automating repetitive customer queries you’ll save time & money & it’ll get you started faster if you’re just getting started on a B2C business. He says that a bot can be created & deployed online in less than 1 hour.

Some of the use cases outlined on the Tars Site are:

  • Ordering & booking process – use a chat to enable customers to order products, book an appointment or make a reservation
  • Feedback collection – your users will be able to use a friendly chat interface to provide feedback without cumbersome web forms
  • Customer support automation – frequently asked questions can be dealt with by a bot & not a dry FAQ document, liberating your support team to take on more demanding problems
  • User onboarding – help new users understand your product or service through an engaging conversation

According to the pricing page, Tars offers 3 plans, which includes a free “Basic” plan, & then paid ones. 


– This is a startup profile based on publicly available material & not a review –  
Image Credit: Tars

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