Replace ‘Microsoft Outlook’ & deal with emails better with ‘hiri’

The ‘hiri’ Website says the average user checks his/her email every 5 minutes, or 96 times a day. Hiri is a replacement for Outlook on Windows, Mac & Linux, that helps you waste less time on your email. Instead of having to always deal with every message you receive, you separate actionable tasks into a side-by-side task panel, which lets you prioritize, set reminders & add notes.

It’s desktop email client that’s aimed at getting your email back under control, especially if you get a lot email during the day. It’s meant to be a complete replacement for MS Outlook, including all features for email, task, calendar & contacts.

According to hiri, the app lets you “separate what you need to do from what you just need to know about.” It does this by facilitating the triaging of emails into an actionable FYI filter. After you do the dragging & triage, you’re presented with 3 possibilities:

  • Delegate – sends this email straight to another hiri users’ actionable filter
  • Archive – to a system archive or folders of your choice
  • Reminder – automatically creates a task in your task list

You’re presented with a dashboard with the outstanding triaged items since last check, total emails, tabs for your calendar, a communication score & number of pending invites. The dashboard also reminds you not to check your email too often & sets reasonable time intervals.

According to the hiri Site, you can swap Outlook right out & use hiri on your office network using the same servers & credentials you’re currently using to access your Exchange Server & Office 365. You can also swap out your Windows or Mac desktops for Linux & access your corporate email with an enhanced feature set over Outlook.

Hiri also comes with an enhanced cc “Reply multiple” feature that “lets users choose who actually needs to get mail. No more senseless reply all.” It’s got a much-improved powerful search feature that stores your mail “in a proper database,” so search is “blazingly fast & effective.”

Hiri is a Dublin, Ireland-based company & the product has been available for about 3 years. The app can be downloaded from hiri’s Site here. Pricing is US $39/year or US $119 for a lifetime use license on multiple computers. Both plans include indefinite access to all updates & new features & 24-hour Online support.


– This is a startup profile based on publicly available material & not a review – 
Image Credit: hiri

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