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logogardenBranding is big business. Getting the logo to align with your company’s image, ensuring the logo is a cohesive unit with easily recognizable features – all this can cause a minor panic attack. Staying away from being overly technical while designing your logo is also important. After all, you don’t want to give the impression of being a “smartypants” company. But, wait, achieving that classy subtle look doesn’t mean you need to go to a pricey design studio. Even if your design skills aren’t that fancy, you can create a logo worth its weight in excellent branding.

Professional logos created by you are possible with ‘LogoGarden’, a company based out of Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Focussing on entrepreneurs & delivering powerful technology to create a brand seems to be the chief motivator for this DIY logo & graphic design company. The startup describes its work culture as empowering to entrepreneurs. So you get to design your own logo, tweak it till it fits your bill – there’s your professional logo created, for free.

3 easy steps are all it takes to create your own brand:

  • You click on your specific industry from the list & choose from the symbols database
  • Put in your company name & adjust the design elements to reflect exactly what your brand stands for
  • You can use 3D effects for a more professional & attractive logo

John Williams is the Founder/CEO of LogoGarden. The company has helped over 1,500,000 entrepreneurs to brand their businesses. Detractors think that an instant logo maker can never ever replace the services of a professional logo designer. Maybe. But if you are a small company with not much cash to spare, this is a good starting point.


– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. –
Image Credit: LogoGarden




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