Presenting the “motherlist” of top phone apps of 2015

best apps 2015

“Time flies”, a much-maligned cliche. Yet, we stare at the end of 2015. A year that saw a million + smartphone apps being released. So which was the best new mobile game released this year? Or, are you looking for that perfect phone app to arrange the countless photos you clicked through 2015? Or are wanting an app that could turn your smartphone into the best utility gizmo?

Yes, we do know it can be cumbersome to comb through those umpteen apps to choose the best or just the one you need. That’s why we’ve got you covered. We have here for you the “motherload” – the “best” Websites that have published the “best” smartphone apps lists for 2015.


A list that has covered most areas is the 1 by Gizmodo, ensuring there is something for everyone. Be it photo sorting or the much needed update of Outlook – it got it all.

A few interesting apps that top the Gizmodo list are:

  • Periscope for ‘live’ streaming
  • Darkroom that helps apply filters & edit images
  • Arrow Launcher that helps easily access the most used info of your phone so that you can get in & out of your phone fairly quicky (& save your eyes!)



Apple too, released its own list of the best apps of their App Store. What’s New On The Net recently featured the list.


Google Play also released an entire list of its best apps for 2015, & broke it down into categories for those of us who like a little more organization. The overall best apps include Colorfy – a virtual coloring book & EyeEm – a social media platform of sorts, for “those who capture life through a lens”. Other categories include Communication & Social, Tools & Productivity, Personalization, among others. While some categories had age old apps like Skype & Twitter, which are all time favorites, there are a few new ones too.


However, if you want to stick to the best apps released in 2015, this Website had a concise list.


This 1 is a refreshing change from the top apps that have been repeated on several other sites before. Some like Startbucks Mobile Ordering & Microsoft Translator take the cake. The list.


USA Today’s list focused mainly on the top 10 apps listed by Apple. Most apps on this list, however, are the ones we have been using for years now. They did find a mention due to important updates & new features like the Facebook Messenger adding live calls to its app.


Interestingly, Business Insider, instead of repeating the list ad nauseum, decided to speak about how the 2 giant app stores – Apple & Google – agreed upon only 3 apps to be the best this year.




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