Pradeo & DNP launch solution for mobile apps security at MWC 2016

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Tokyo-Montpellier, February 22, 2016: While the market of mobile apps is booming, problems for companies with cyber security are growing. How to manage Apps security on Smartphones, mobile devices and connected objects? On which criteria do we decide if an App is safe or malicious? How do we know if an App is respectful of your privacy and your personal/corporate data? And how do we protect ourselves from cyber risks?
There are innovative businesses that support companies in their security. At the Mobile World Congress 2016, Pradeo and DNP launch new security solution that integrate Pradeo’s AuditMyApps™ with DNP’s CrackProof.

DNP and Pradeo offer complementary security solutions

The Joint value proposition of DNP and Pradeo results for a better protection when people using Apps, from private or public stores.
DNP and Pradeo provide customers with innovative and complementary security solutions.
With AuditMyApps™, Pradeo offers a service intended for companies developing mobile applications for their customers and/or their employees. It provides an App security check at the end of the development cycle, before it is published on a public or private store.
With CrackProof, DNP prevents crackers’ analysis of software by protecting its execution program. This enables clients to protect their Apps against illegal acts such as the following:
– Removal of Apps restriction systems such as authentication procedures, expiration dates, hidden features…
– Creation of a similar App (clone)

Because security is at the top of customers concerns, the joint value of DNP and Pradeo is to reinforce enterprises security with easy-to-use solutions.

More than arelationship, a real synergy

DNP’s relationship with Pradeo complements its innovation and security capabilities.

‘We will launch this new solution during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. ‘CrackProof’ which prevents malicious manipulation of Apps will integrate ‘AuditMyApps’. Our relationship with an innovative company such as Pradeo is a real advantage to complete our range of solutions.
By using ‘AuditMyApps’ and ‘CrackProof’ seamlessly, developers can produce efficiently more secured applications. In the future, DNP aims for sales in financial and e-commerce developers by mobile phones’ said Morihiro Muramoto, Senior Corporate Officer in DNP.

For Pradeo, this relationship is a major step forward in their international development:
Clément Saad, CEO & co-founder of Pradeo underlines that ‘This relationship validates our international strategy and confirms our convictions: behavioural analysis of mobile apps is the security solution of the future. This opens up access to new markets, and confirms our decision of opening an office in Asia. It is a great honour for Pradeo to work with DNP, one of the most historical Japanese company’.

About DNP

DNP is one of the world’s largest comprehensive printing companies. DNP provide a variety of products and services in a wide range of business fields to consumers and some 30,000 corporate clients in Japan and around the world. Since the 1950s, DNP has promoted “expansion printing,” which means expanding the fields of business by broadening possibilities for the application of printing technologies. From printing books, magazines, DNP progressed into such fields as IT solutions, display components and electronic devices. Today, DNP is still expanding into new business fields, including environmental preservation, energy, and life sciences.
Number of employees:)10,697 (non consolidated)

Awards and contests: Software Product of the Year (R) 2008 Grand Prix
Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan (IPA)

About Pradeo

Pradeo is an expert in the Apps security field for smartphones and tablets, helping companies securing their fleet of mobile devices and their applications.
Pradeo has developed a behavioural APP analysis engine called Trust Revealing™, a technology based on a system of “Correlation”, which reveals the full behaviours made by a mobile application. This technology provides a significant and particularly innovative response to emerging threats due to the booming of the mobile Apps market and its consequences: privacy violations, financial losses and the overall security of your mobile devices.

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France, Samsung, Bouygues, Sanofi, Société générale…
Awards and contests: laureate of the contest of the Ministry of Research, winner of the Tremplin – Senate contest, winner of the innovation award “Enterprise Mobility” – IT Innovation Forum, laureate of the Pass French Tech, Spiffy awards
Present in 41 countries: Europe, Thailand, Singapore, China, India, Russia, South America, United




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