‘Portal’ for self-hosting open source apps on private Cloud


‘Portal’ is a service that lets you self-host open source apps on a private Cloud. You can run everything from your email to a blog, VPN & other Cloud services on Portal.

In fact, you can run apps in your Portal from any developer in the world. The apps will run in isolated virtual machines on your domain, controlled by you through a Web interface.

This means something like https://example.com/cloud. It’s like VPS hosting that just works out of the box for the average individual who doesn’t know anything about Web servers, Website administration, or hosting SaaS applications on the Cloud. Put simply, developers can come up with self-hosted apps that run on their own servers, without needing a separate hosting infrastructure in the Cloud with servers or a SaaS platform to send & collect data to & from the user’s device when the app is running.

There is no app store or submission process, so users can add apps from any developer. You can add apps for using your email, blog, Website, online store, photos, source code, VPN, voice chat, instant messaging, newsreader, social network, notes, calendar, music, file syncing, IP camera recording, & more.

Portal apps are open source, data is 100% exportable, & everything is hosted on your own domain, so you can take it with you, delete it, or do whatever you wish with it. Developers may also choose to offer closed source, paid, or donation supported apps.

The one-click install system ensures that users don’t have to be sysadmins or tech-savvy at all in order to host your own cloud services.

The pricing for using Portal begins at US $5/month, under which you get a virtual machine with 512 MB memory & 20 GB SSD server on which can run 3 apps. You also get a free SSL certificate & dedicated IP address. So running apps on your own domain for a year costs $60.

By comparison, using a couple of paid Cloud services would cost you $240 a year (at $10/mo per service), & doing it yourself using a VPS service would cost $120 a year (at $5/mo per VM).

For users who need more computing resources & space, Portal offers plans for $10, $20 & $40 per month.

Silicon Valley based Portal was founded in 2014 by brothers Jake Gold & Jeff Spencer.

 – This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. –
Image Credit: Portal
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