‘Polymail’, a simple app for ramping up email productivity – #Startup


Email productivity is one of those things many people seldom pay attention to. Until, of course, your Inbox starts acting up, & you wish there was some application which could streamline your workflow with a smooth interface & stress-reducing features. What about if you could just wipe away clutter, that is, unwanted spam mail & newsletters you never asked for, with one click? You control your Inbox, decide which productivity tools to use & remove pesky extensions.

Los Angeles, US-based Polymail is a platform, offering to give you a super responsive email interface, working intuitively to gauge your needs. Co-founder & CEO of Polymail, Brandon Foo says his app is designed for easy email productivity & contact management. With this interface, you manage all your email accounts in Gmail, iCloud, or Outlook.

1 of the features include the user getting notified as soon as recipients view an email. If you’re sending to multiple recipients, you’ll know exactly when each recipient read your message.

Polymail offers:

  • email tracking
  • Scheduling to send messages later
  • Keeping aside messages you don’t want to read, for later
  • ‘Unsending’ mail feature
  • 1 click unsubscribe

Brandon also co-founded CTRL LA, a mobile design & development studio in Los Angeles & CTRL Collective, 1 of the biggest co-working spaces there.

– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. –
Image Credit: Polymail



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