‘Plumbr Browser Agent’ gives you real time view of user interaction

This automated service is a godsend for developers & Website owners as it lets them get a “real-time overview of how software is being used.” It allows them to find out the root cause of problems so that they can be fixed.

The Plumbr Browser Agent looks at how your Site’s users interact with your apps & the ways that software responds to the users. The aim of Plumbr is to “never again lose a customer because of poor performance.” You’ll be able to prioritize which bug fixes you should devote valuable development time to, since you’ll know the exact impact that each problem has on your users.

As Priit Potter, CEO & Co-founder of Plumbr states in a post elsewhere, most people solve problems based on hunches & vague, emotionally ridden feedback gathered from customers. With Plumbr’s Browser Agent automation features, you’ll get objective & accurate information on which you can better set your priorities for fixes.

With Plumbr you no longer have to wade through cumbersome logs, memory dumps or thread dumps. The service links every failed user transaction directly to its root cause, even “in complex environments based on micro services.” And not all errors need to be fixed, since you gain an understanding of which of them are truly impactful, helping you concentrate on which are the real priorities.

The Plumbr Browser Agent has the following main features:

  • Measurement of every user interaction with your Web app
  • Works with HTML/JavaScript-based Web apps with multiple backends – .NET, PHP, Java…
  • Data is automatically gathered without end user awareness that it’s being done
  • Real-time transparency regarding user experienced
  • Minimal performance overhead

There is a Plumbr Java Agent also available for Java-based apps, that provides features like real time app architecture monitoring, distributed transaction tracking & JVM technical monitoring.

Plumbr is a Tallin, Estonia-based startup, & also has offices in Woburn, Washingto, USA. It’s based on work done by expert performance monitoring academics from the University of Tartu, & is backed by some of the same folks who were responsible for developing Skype. 

 – This is a startup profile based on publicly available material & not a review –  

Image Credit: Plumbr 



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