Pleek app makes staid text messages come alive – New app

Pleek is a messaging app that allows you to send & receive pictures & video as part of a message thread or conversation.

On the face of it, this might seem nothing extraordinary. But the Pleek app allows you to mix & match text with pictures & video to make boring text messages come alive.

You can take a picture, add text & overly stickers, & send a message that’s better than both the SMS & MMS messaging apps that you might otherwise use.

As the replies add up in similar multimedia + text format, the conversation becomes a whole lot more interesting. This is where Pleek introduces another layer of innovation by allowing you to turn the entire photo thread into a collage. The entire collage can then be shared on social media, & it makes the whole thing a lot more interesting to the selfie crowd who can see a collection of selfies as a conversation.

It takes the whole smartphone camera & messaging app combination to a new level which other apps haven’t done as yet. You can also do group chats & small Vine-style videos using Pleek. It’s also apparently attracting a lot of celebrities from the music industry including Nicki Minaj, Karim Benzema, & P Diddy.

But nothing speaks like money, & Pleek scored on that front too by raising $600,000 in seed funding. The investors are listed as Sean Diddy Combs & Partech Ventures on Crunchbase, but a TechCrunch report says that both Pleek & Didddy’s people have denied his involvement.

Paris, France-based Pleek was founded in 2014 by Remi Bardoux, Adrien Dulong & Cyril Paglino.

Click here to download the Pleek messaging app for iOS from the App Store.

Click here to download the Android version from Google Play.

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Image Credit: Pleek



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