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We have all heard a corporate employee complaining about having to open, read & respond to countless emails during the day. They also complain of a dip in productivity due to the constant inflow of emails. Haven’t we all called it a “distraction” at some point?

There are several tools or email clients that help optimize the email workflow. While some fall short of what we really need, some continue to add unnecessary features to your already cluttered Inbox, & the concept of ‘Inbox 0’ is far forgotten.

Facing the conundrum of “to respond now or to respond later”, Los Angeles, US-based developer Andrej Pancik decided to experiment with building an opinionated email client, by removing traditional features, that helps users focus attention on a single email.

Presently only a concept, ‘Plain’ Email stays true to GTD (Get Things Done) methodology with only 4 distinct actions available – Done, Respond, Delegate & Defer. You can mark your message Done when you have processed it. The message gets archived & can be found later. The Delegate feature will send off the message to someone else, who may be more appropriate to process it.

If you can’t deal with the message right away, hit Defer, to add the entry in your calendar for a time when you can actually deal with it. If you choose to Respond to the message right away, it will get archived, leaving your Inbox empty – with no pending work, for now.

There is a working prototype of Plain, for now, for Gmail & OS X, but is still missing features like email search, attachments support & calendar integration for mails that you want to respond to later. However, if the plan is in place, Plain shows there is great potential behind the idea. Mac users can see the prototype on the official website of Plain here & download it for free download. You can also register for an email newsletter to stay up to date on the further development of the new email client.

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