Pipefy – a management tool especially for startups

This Website is primarily all about startups. We believe in letting our readers know of any Online processes or platforms that help the task of running startups easier.

PipefyIn keeping with this spirit, we will today talk of Pipefy – a Cloud computing company that provides a BPM (Business Process Management System) for startups on a subscription basis. Pipefy helps companies to be always organized, & more productive by running their processes & day-by-day routines on an easy & intuitive tool, making them leave forever inefficient manual forms, spreadsheets & emails.

Pipefy is a Kanban system, digital & with workflows. Kanban was developed by Taiichi Ohno at Toyota, to find a system to improve & maintain a high level of production. The platform has a marketplace with dozens of free templates built for startups based on best practices like: agile software development, SaaS sales pipeline, bug tracking, Content marketing, A/B tests, customer support, selection process, Internal PR, funding pipeline, among others.

According to the Pipefy team, startups are accustomed to running their processes & routines on forms & spreadsheets. As they grow, these generally result in an unnecessarily heavy workload that also renders the information obsolete, hard to find, & unreliable. It’s precisely to solve these problems that Pipefy strives, offering startups to become more organized, efficient, & productive.

Alessio Alionço, founder of Pipefy, talks of why he decided to launch Pipefy on his Website: In his last startup (a Brazilian marketplace acquired in 2012) Alessio realized that the tools used by his team were inefficient.

“For two years I tried to keep the company organized, and I felt frustrated. For using manual forms and spreadsheets, there were a lot of cases in which the team did not follow the right workflows, forgot requests, lost important information, or made mistakes,” he says. Alionço tried to find a better tool, but all of the available options didn’t fit. The task management tools were too simple and didn’t have workflows. On the other side, the enterprise BPMs and ERPs customizations were complex and expensive to adopt and maintain. “That’s why I decided to launch Pipefy: to help others who had this same problem. The team start to use the product within minutes, without the help of an ‘IT guy’ or consultants. It is easy to set up and use, [and is] affordable and built for startups” he points out.

Primarily, Pipefy addresses “inefficiency” in 2 ways: organizing the way in which the team works, & sharing with transparency what’s happening & the productivity of all processes.


Pipes are processes.  You can setup pipes for almost everything in your business like purchase requisitions, customer support, sales pipeline & others. With Pipefy you’ll always know of a given process:

What you have to do?
What’s on time?
What’s late?
Who is the bottleneck of the process?
How much time, in average, it takes to finish a task in this pipe?

You can setup how many pipes processes your organization needs.

It’s the task to be done. When created, the card always goes to a pipe & then pass through it’s phases.


It’s a step of a given process.


It’s something required to be done at a specific phase of your process. It can be a instruction, a field asking for a date, short text, long text, checklists and other possibilities.


Image Credit: Pipefy



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