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learning google analyticsDo you have a difficult time digesting Google Analytics reports of your blog or Website? ‘Picnic Metrics’ seeks to make your life easier by providing an “actionable” dashboard & by periodically sending you emails with the Site’s most important metrics. The Web app is aimed at marketers & Site owners who want to maximize their audience by taking advantage of often overlooked Google Analytics data.

The weekly report, ‘Website Analytics Digest’ generated by Picnic Metrics is presented in a concise, easy to read format with a summary of the previous week’s stats, as well as trends. If you want to get more details about a Site, the dashboard allows you to start from a summary & then drill down to get a wealth of more detail.

The Montreal, Canada-based Company is headed by co-founder & CMO Jean-Luc Brisebois, who, in a discussion elsewhere, said his company had developed the App to solve a common problem that they themselves used to have.

According to Picnic Metrics’ own blog, the dashboard followed a straightforward, yet powerful structure that sought to answer the following basic questions about a Site:

  • Acquisition – Where does the traffic come from; who refers to your Site; terms used on Google to find the Site
  • Audience – Number of people visiting your Site; where visitors live; desktop VS mobile VS desktop; engagement (new VS returning traffic)
  • Content – Most popular Content; pages your visitors are on when they leave your Site; average session time (how long are the visitors on your Site & which particular Content are they viewing)

As these questions get regularly answered (i.e. on a weekly basis), action could be taken to potentiate strong showings on a Site, & to mitigate weak ones.

As of writing this post, Picnic Metrics was strictly a Web-based App, albeit a responsive one, but the company had plans to publish a mobile app in the near future. You can try out this service free for 30 days here, & for US $25 per month, per Website, you can get access for unlimited users, page views & reports.

These days, many ‘Google Analytics made easy’ services such as Picnic Metrics are being launched. Earlier, this Website had featured iOS app Quicklytics.

– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. –
Image Credit: Picnic Metrics
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