‘PersistIQ’ is a sales platform that helps turn your cold leads into sales opportunities


‘PersistIQ’ helps a company streamline & optimize its outbound sales process by turning cold leads into sales opportunities. It’s ‘Smart Campaigns’ automate the outbound sales process by making sure every lead gets the right number of touchpoints.

If you have cold leads which you want to turn into sales opportunities, CRM packages give you very limited options & don’t provide you with tools for creating good copy for the emails you should be sending to these leads & fall short on other aspects of lead management. According to the Website, PersistIQ uses a 3 step process to solve this problem:

1 – Import Leads – itsr smart database automatically catches duplicates, identifies leads your team has communicated with in the past

2 – Launch Outbound Campaign – Launch personalized campaigns with multiple touchpoints in just minutes. Its smart reply detection automatically removes the lead from a campaign at the right time

3 – Analyze and Improve – Detailed team & individual stats on replies, bounces, open rates & more to give you insight into what works

This San Francisco, US-based startup’s product comes with multiple levels of integration with the popular Salesforce CRM package. It allows for bi-directional sync, so that when you update any field in one platform it will also update in the other; it allows you to import individual or groups of leads or contacts from Salesforce to PersistIQ with a push button & you can log all email from PersistIQ as activity in Salesforce automatically.

You can integrate with other Web platforms via the PersistIQ API, with which you can easily integrate with any CRM or email marketing solution, & via its Zapier Integration, you can connect your favorite tools and applications directly to PersistIQ and easily pass data between them.

Via its Chrome extension, it is also easy to pull a prospect’s relevant info from their social profile & drop them into a PersistIQ campaign for prospecting. This includes an email finder, which automatically finds & imports email addresses from social profiles & the possibility of auto populating custom variable values into fields & drop them into campaigns.

PersistIQ also provides many features for lead & database management, such as – Duplicate Detection, Historical Email Sync, Easy Importing, Powerful Filtering, Custom Fields & Individual/Team Analytics.

Pricing for the product starts with a basic “New to Sales” package for US $59/month/user. For $89/month/user, you can get the “For Serious Sales Pros” package which adds web integrations, the Chrome extension & team functionality to the basic package. Finally you can get a seriously dimensioned enterprise unlimited user package, starting at $2,499/month, & includes custom onboarding sessions, on-going team trainings & custom CRM integrations.

– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. –   
Image Credit: PersistIQ
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