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Organizing & managing documents & files on the Cloud can sometimes be a pain. More so, if you are working with a large team on a project that has active updates through the day, or have many Cloud-based accounts. However, there is a solution now called ‘Stride’.

Through the main interface of this US-based startup, users can access documents, presentations, files & video/audio clips stored on various Cloud drives like Google Drive, Box, Dropbox & others, all from 1 place. Stride uses state-of-the-art data & recommendation engines to help bring all your data on 1 platform. It processes & mines data in real time to personalize & curate your work documents so that you can work faster. It will leverage your data to show you the most relevant documents. It will also examine your interests, your relationship to your co-workers & your recent activity to help you get work done faster. As it claims on its Website, Stride is building a next-gen Intranet. Automating the process of filing is what it is doing.

Founded by a team of coders, designers, & prior enterprise execs, most of them from email startup ‘Zimbra’, Stride was founded in late 2014. But it was in stealth mode all this while, & it is only now that the company is working more on the visibility to attract more users & more funding. It is founded by John Robb (CEO) & Sam Khavari (CTO), who have both previously worked at Zimbra & VMware, amongst other organizations.

Stride will enable you to search & view Content based on the sorting done by names of people you work with. You will not need to remember the file name or the keyword to search for a specific document. You can see Content sorted by the people you collaborate with, no matter where it’s stored.

For example, you can tap on your team leader’s name & it will show you the last meeting report stored in Google Docs, the product video stored in Dropbox & the brand strategy presentation the company Box folder. You will also get notifications if other members of the team will make any changes or updates to these files.

Stride also enables quick actions like editing documents & presentations or changing names of files. One tap sharing, emailing or texting is will also prove to be a helpful feature. It will also help dramatically improve your ability to read a .docx file on your phone. Stride, which is available as an iOS app or can be accessed through its Website, works with existing document editing apps & tools, thereby saving you the trouble to learn how to navigate on this new app.

You can create as many different “Collections” you want & name them accordingly to create streams of content that will update automatically. You can identify what’s important to you – whether it’s a specific file type, a person, group of people, or a project keyword & make collections likewise. Its many features includes the sharing of files with your team via email, text or by posting to Slack.

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