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The advent of the Internet has led to a new age where information is available to us at the click of a button. A quick Google search on a given topic such as “travel blogging” churns out 16,700,000 results. This creates a paradox in itself where research has become easier yet remains difficult. After the meticulous process of weeding out poor content, one needs a repository where one can keep all valuable content for future reference.

‘Graspire’ is a platform that allows you to do just that. Videos, articles & even Online courses can now be curated according to your research topic. There are some similarities to a bookmark manager that one may find in an Web browser but with better features.

Firstly, the curated Content is informative in comparison to a bookmark manager. The curated Content isn’t relegated to a small icon or tab & takes a sizeable amount of the screen real estate when a particular folder is opened. This allows the researcher to have a fair idea about what the content is about without even opening it. In fact, YouTube videos can be opened within the graspire platform itself, unlike a conventional bookmark which would lead the researcher to a new page.

Secondly, graspire gives the option to the user to add notes. This allows the user to make concise notes on whatever the article/video/course is about. This way the user can quickly read through the most important points in the notes section without going through the painstaking task of manually searching for the important points within the article/video/course. This is a great time saver as it allows for speedy revision in the case of studies or just a quick reference with the benefit of being able to associate where the information has come from.

Thirdly, the availability of a share button allows for quick dissemination of expertise in your domain. Imagine knowing everything there is to know about a particular topic. Sometimes while making a point, your friends may ask for the source & you can’t recall which article you got their facts from. This is where graspire comes to the rescue. The ability to organize Content can allow an individual to easily find their sources & share it on social media.

Lastly, the platform provides direct access to multiple self-learning courses (many of which are free) available on other learning platforms. The courses are spread over a variety of topics from digital marketing to finance to religion. The graspire platform is ideal for individuals who like to keep their sources organized & want to improve on productivity.

Graspire also has some cool features that make it unique. Firstly, this includes a chrome extension that is available making it ready to launch at the click of a button. Secondly, it’s unlimited storage gives users ample space to curate their content. Lastly, the ability to create your own profile on the platform to show off your organizing skills to the graspire community.

Graspire is an education-centric company that is based in the South Indian city of Bengaluru. It was founded in August 2016.


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