Now, IBM’s supercomputer Watson debuts as an app to reduce “holiday stress”

ibmwatsontrendsIn some parts of the globe, the holiday season is coming up fast, & to help shoppers get over the tensions of picking the right gifts, IBM’s famous supercomputer Watson is at hand.

The company has released a iOS app on Wednesday called Watson Trend. It uses Watson’s super computing abilities to show which gifts & toys will be the most popular for this year’s holidays. The iOS app surfaces suggestions in various categories like tech, health & toys, + shows products that may be the most popular in each of them. Another claim it makes is to predict trends so you can see whether an item will be popular throughout the holidays or if it will be a passing fad.

How can Watson do this? The reason is it can understand natural language which makes it easier for it to read & interpret user reviews & social media conversations. Users can see top trends overall or dive into top gift categories including toys, electronics & health & fitness. They can also see why products are trending up or down in order to judge which ones will show off your gift giving IQ.

The free app is meant for both, iPhone & iPad.

Click here to download Watson Trend on your iOS device.

Image Credit: IBM Watson



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