Have still not got a mobile-friendly Site? Listen to what Adobe has to say

Okay, the 1st well-researched report on the aftermath of ‘Mobilegeddon’ is out. Remember, about 2 months ago, Google had implemented its algorithm tweak wherein those Websites which were not mobile-friendly would drop in search results? A report by Adobe now says such Sites which had not listened may have lost as much as 10% of their traffic so far, & suffered other related consequences vis-a-vis ads.

Wake up, guys…there’s still time for course correction – Editor.

ADI: Companies That Didn’t Update For Mobile Paying Price – CMO

July 15, 2015

In late April, Google updated its algorithm to give mobile-friendly Web sites preference in ranking for organic searches. Now, more than two months later, companies that didn’t prepare their sites are paying the price–and so is Google, according to Adobe Digital Index (ADI)…

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Adobe: Mobilegeddon cut traffic to mobile-unfriendly sites by 10 percent – VentureBeat

July 15, 2015

Sites that weren’t mobile-ready for Mobilegeddon have paid the price by losing ten percent of their mobile traffic year-over-year (YoY).

That’s one of the findings in Adobe Digital Index (ADI)’s Q2 Digital Advertising & Social Intelligence Reports, out today. The Reports draw on nearly 900 billion digital ad impressions on major search and social platforms like Google, Bing/Yahoo, and Facebook, plus over 21 billion anonymous visits, as recorded in the Adobe Marketing Cloud….

Unhappy With Google’s Mobilegeddon, Advertisers Spend More On Facebook – Forbes

http://news.google.com Jul 15, 2015

Perhaps that will happen eventually, but for now, according to a new report out today from Adobe, the change has indeed hurt brands that weren’t prepared. The Adobe Dig …


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