Nomibot news app provides personalized feeds using artificial intelligence

Nomibot is a new app for iOS that makes use of artificial intelligence (AI) to provide users with personalized Content feeds.

There’s no dearth of Web & mobile apps & tools that provide personalized content feeds, & gateway sites like Google News & Facebook also have their own versions that show people filtered Content feeds based on personal preferences.

Nomibot aims to take this to the next level by using AI to create bots that learn from your activity using the app.

The app presents a list of topics, & you can select your preferences. The app creates a bot for every topic to scour the Web & bring you related Content. You have multiple feeds, including an overall feed, one for top stories, & separate feeds for each topic.

Every story is shown with an image & a small summary, & you can tap a story if you want to read it in full without leaving the app.

Seems pretty much standard up to this point, but this is where the AI part kicks in. You can rate stories up & down. Swipe right for stories you like & left for those you don’t.

Every time you do this, the bots reassess what Content they are fetching & will learn from every choice you make. This ensures that the feeds continue to be relevant & show your current interests, as opposed to interests expressed in the past that may have changed.

You can also save the Content for later reading, & share it with your friends & followers on social media.

The Nomibot news app was developed by Durham, NC-based, Inc., & makes use of the company’s artificial intelligence platform. This is the company’s 1st smartphone app.

Click here to download the Nomibot news app on your iOS device.

Image Credit: Nomibot




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