‘Nexosis’ makes it easy to start building machine learning apps

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The ‘Nexosis’ API is meant to be used by developers who don’t have data science or machine learning experience. You can use practically any programming language that you’re already familiar with to get access to automated, scalable model building & deployment for machine learning applications.

Ease of use & accessibility is built-in is to Nexosis. The API comes with some of the most widely used types of machine learning, such as:

  • Classification – Lets you organize data into logical, labeled & consumable buckets. A detailed guide on how to build & use a classification model to classify data is included.
  • Regression – Find patterns in your data so that you can estimate missing, unmeasured & previously unknown relationships. Regression model building & predictions can be put together easily.
  • Forecasting – Forecast the future with improved accuracy by looking into your data feed. A quick start guide shows you how to build time series-based linear regression models & how to make forecasts using the API
  • Anomaly detection – Discover outliers & unusual situation in your data & decide what actions to take.

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