New app helps marketers feel competitors’ pulse in under a minute

unmetricsenselogoA new app by social media analytics startup Unmetric promises to put the power of competitive intelligence in the pocket of every marketer.

Called Unmetric Sense, this mobile app claims to “let you feel the pulse of your competition in just 60 seconds a day”. The app analyzes the social profiles of over 35,000 brands to give otherwise-busy marketers instant competitive intelligence in their pocket.


Marketers have 2 important jobs:
1) create incredible campaigns for their brands and
2)  monitor the incredible campaigns of competing brands.

Figuring out the latter task can be challenging – after all, who has the time & the inclination to keep tabs on what each competitor is up to? That’s where Unmetric Sense steps in.

Unmetric Sense is a rich visual stream of campaign images, videos & hashtags distilled from the 35,000 brands’ social profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

A user just needs to select the brands he would like to monitor & then wait for the real time updates. The content stream is image-based & auto-captioned; users can tap individual posts for full text & engagement metrics. And when you see something that catches your attention, you can either bookmark it for future reference or even email it to a colleague directly from the app.


+ Rapidly scan through images, videos and hashtags from competitor campaigns &
promotions. Get into the details with a simple click

+ Bookmark interesting content for ideation & future reference

+ Share posts easily with your team – so you can act faster on competitive intel

For now, Unmetric has rolled out Sense to its existing customers but if you are not, but still want access, this is the web page to ask for an invite.

 - This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review -


Image Credit: Unmetric




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