Never lose track of a Web page. Use ‘WONDR’ – Promoted Post

WONDR encourages you to learn & discover about the topics you’re most interested in & save them in a safe place. But we’re much more than a typical bookmarking Site.

The Internet is chaos: full of information, littered with insights & knowledge relating to your interests. Through WONDR, we want to help you capture those useful nuggets of information, & organize them to help you take action towards your goal & life ambitions.

Whether that’s learning about beekeeping, artificial intelligence, journalism, travel or woodwork; as you find useful information, WONDR allows you to visually organize & capture the insights you’ve learnt.  As you build your projects, you can develop a better understanding of the actions you need to take to step you closer to realizing your goals & ambitions.

But what if you’re stuck?

Through WONDR you can talk directly with our team & we will help you look for the information & people that you may need to speak with to gain the insights you need. We want to help you get a better idea of the direction you need to take or the knowledge you need to understand, so contact us whenever you want, about whatever you’re interested & we’ll help as best we can.


In the coming months, we’ll be developing a lot of new features to support how you work towards your goals. You can have real inputs, too.

Our mission is to allow more people to turn learning into action, so we’re trying to connect you together in the best way to help each other succeed. We have a lot of ideas already but we want to hear from you. Join us & get involved in the discussion. We’re passionate about supporting you with your interests & ambitions and we believe that you should pursue whatever you’re curious about – so stop procrastinating & start wondring!

The platform is currently invitation only & free for all users who sign up early.

(This article has been published under our ‘Promoted Posts’ plan. Under this paid form of Content, our readers can send us any statement, announcement, product profile, press release & so on, for publication on our Website. Remember, it must be of a property you own, not someone else’s. If it meets our T & Cs, we will then label it prominently as ‘PP’ & run it for a pre-arranged number of days/weeks/months/years.)



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