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They’re always telling you to multi-task. It’s the buzzword these days. You are expected to do the Online statements, while also working on a report. But how about you multi-tasking while you are working, but with an enjoyment quotient built in? That is, catch up on your favourite show on Netflix while reconciling the balance sheets. Yes, it’s possible to do this without causing your boss to have a hissy fit. The controls rest squarely in your hands.

A new transparent floating browser, ‘Fluid’, works above your workflow & allows you to easily multi-task, that is browse, or watch media, while working. The creators claim that a laptop screen has only so much space; their app makes optimum use of that space. So you can watch .mov, image files & PDFs while working, without batting an eyelid. Fluid Browser supports You Tube, Hulu, Netflix, Vimeo & Youku videos. You have access to a favourites/history bar as well. The browser can be stretched to different sizes, & this allows for a seamless experience. However, the creators are working on the tab settings & shortcut abilities of the app. The Chrome extension of the browser is now available.

Fluid, the new browser, does these things:

  • Once in active mode, Fluid only shows your media or Web Content. It hides all other features of the browser
  • Using Fluid URLs, supported media Sites automatically load full screen & look pretty great on any monitor
  • Allows you to watch tutorials while working on, say, Photoshop
  • Upload or drag PDFs, images or movies into the browser to increase productivity or reference work

The creators of Fluid Browser are Grant Wilkinson, a college student, Alex Pelletier, a high school senior & Alec Tremaine, all based out of Denver, Colorado, USA.

You may click here to download Fluid on your iOS device.

– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. –  


Image Credit: Fluid




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