Mr. Social for finding, scheduling & posting social media Content – #Startup

Mr. Social is, as you would have guessed, not a human being but a social media assistant that will find relevant social media Content based on your keywords, & this Content can then be scheduled to be posted automatically.

Automatic social media post schedulers are hardly new & there are a whole bunch of SMM tools that can do this for you. But Mr. Social is more of a virtual assistant that will handle the entire process for you.

It’s not just about finding Content, but about coming up with stuff that you would want to share with your friends & followers. This means trending topics & “wise” quotes & trivia.

Lining up a day’s or even week’s worth of this kind of Content for automatic scheduling & posting clears up a lot of time that you would otherwise have to spend on tending to your social media accounts. Mr. Social claims on its site that you could get your social sharing for the whole week done in just two minutes.

It increases engagement with virtually no effort on your part other than approving the content that Mr. Social picks for posting on your accounts.

By default, the tool is set to 2 scheduled posts per day. You can, of course, push it up higher if you want to schedule more posts. You can create a virtual assistant for each of your accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Pages & LinkedIn & tailor it match the kind of posts & schedule you want for that account.

Plans begin at US $20/month for a ‘Starter Package’ that includes 1 virtual assistant, Content suggestion tools & Content library for unlimited keywords, status ideas engine, & auto scheduling.

A US $30/month expert package gives you access to 5 virtual assistants, while US $100 will give you 15 virtual assistants. You can take a 30-day free trial first to see if Mr. Social actually makes your life easier & manages your social media postings properly.

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