Moxtra app SDK allows developers to add real time conversation

MoxtraMoxtra is a mobile-first collaboration & communication app & Cloud platform that allows any team or group of users to engage with each other in a variety of ways, irrespective of the computing device it uses.

Moxtra is the no.1 app in the iTunes App Store for team & project collaboration. It’s not hard to see why.

You can initiate, participate in, manage & track Content collaboration, messaging, screen sharing, real-time meetings, etc. You can do it 1-on-1 with another team member, or do it in groups.

You can move effortlessly between features, & the Moxtra Cloud sync allows you to switch from your desktop to the mobile app, or the other way round, without breaking the flow.

Invitees can likewise join meetings on the go from their browser (no downloads needed) on a desktop or mobile device. You can save meetings in the binder, allowing others to catch up if they’re late, or if you want to go through it again.

The Moxtra Team Binder includes features like voice & multimedia group chats, & verbal Content annotations. This Clip feature basically means you can add voice notes & graphics into a video & save it to summarize what the Content is about.

It obviously has powerful multiuser teleconferencing & task management systems, which make it very useful for enterprise users & small businesses alike, given that the basic version is free. The to-do feature allows you to directly add your to-dos to the binder, instead of having to go through your calendar or use a stand-alone to-do app.

Each binder has its own unique email address, & you can send important & related events & notifications directly to the binder from your enterprise systems.

The latest addition is the release of the Moxtra SDK & API, which allows mobile app developers to leverage the capabilities of the Moxtra Cloud platform into their own apps with just a few lines of code. With virtually no effort & at no cost, developers can instantly integrate rich, real time interactive conversation capabilities into their apps.

Cupertino, CA-based Moxtra, Inc. was founded in 2012 by Subrah Iyar & Stanley Huang. Subrah was the co-founder & CEO of WebEx Communications, & Stanley was a senior director of engineering at both WebEx & Cisco. Moxtra has raised US $20 million, including US $10 million in Series A funding in Sept 2013 & another US $10 million in Series B funding in Feb 2015.

Click here to download the Moxtra collaboration app from the App Store.

Click here to download the app for Android devices from Google Play.

Click here to download the Moxtra desktop client from their Website.

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