Most Useful Startup of the Month is ‘live’ video streaming app Periscope – Mar 2015

Meerkat, Periscope, Meerkat, Periscope? Ah, ha, we, here at What’s New On The Net, are not getting into that controversy just yet. March has ended, & it is time to name the ‘Most Useful Startup of the Month’. And by the sheer fact that Twitter, owner of Periscope, launched this iOS app in February 2015, it was in the running for the coveted title.

Our Edit team thought hard & strong, checked out all the other apps & startups profiled on our Website in Mar 2015. Finally, it zeroed in on Periscope. Why? Well, for 1, Periscope, the team felt, retained the potential of turning social media & even journalism on its head. Imagine streaming video ‘live’ from any place on earth.

So, our congratulations to the Periscope team. Keep ’em coming.

Read up our profile of Periscope.

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