MONO’s new V5 DIY Website builder claims to have “the most intuitive interface” ever

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Small & Medium Businesses (SMBs) can’t afford to spend a packet for ‘top of the line’ Web presence. That’s a given. On the other hand, a DIY Website has limited effectiveness at best. As an SMB, you are always aware of the importance of showing your best face to the world – in other words, a Website that sparks the interest of the target audience, draws it in & convinces it to make the deal. Just for such SMBs, a savvy site maker deploys the same level of resources needed to build a top quality Online presence in a complex & rapidly changing market.

Mono V5, a new responsive Website building template launched recently by SaaS-based platform provider, MONO, offers SMBs the consultancy & support they need to develop a professional & large scale Web presence. There is an increasing focus these days on digital sales, & obviously, an optimum product mix of design and workability is key to success. Most SMB owners know that creating well-designed Content is just 1 step in the long road ahead. Getting customers to actually ‘see’ that & feel invested in your vision, is another big hurdle to cross. A dynamic Web presence is essential to achieving this goal.

Building a super-communicative Website with Mono’s powerful in-built editor, it seems, is as easy as pie. It also works with Google Analytics to track traffic, conversions and visitor behavior on your Site. Online services like advanced form builder, Online booking, table reservations, call tracking, too, are available to make a startup’s life easier.

According to Louise Lachmann, CEO & Co-founder of Mono Solutions, the makers of Mono V5, the global SMB Web presence market has reached US $17.3Bn in 2015, & will grow to $25.6Bn by 2018.

A successful Web presence, she claims, does these:

  1. Differentiate using core assets
  2. Make activation as easy as possible
  3. Accommodate requirements growth
  4. Integrate with 3rd-party apps
  5. Provide help (professional services) for those who want it

The V5’s foundation is a flexible grid system based on 2 basic building blocks – horizontal rows & vertical columns. It comes with a ‘Site Styling’ mode offering an efficient shortcut to changing a Site’s ‘global style’ with just a few clicks. V5 also offers the ability to build & customize fully responsive Sites to optimize the user experience across multiple screen sizes & resolutions.

Mono Solutions, operating since 2007, offers the above-named features, allowing your SMB to be an effective communicator of your vision. The company has offices in Europe & USA, reaching out to hundreds of SMBs worldwide.

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