Monitor Backlinks SEO tool helps track links to your Site

Monitor BacklinksMonitor Backlinks is an SEO tool that will help you improve your link building campaign through backlink tracking, competitor tracking, notifications & detailed reports.

It’s like an enhanced version of the webmaster tools section in Google Analytics. It does, in fact, work atop your analytics account. All you have to do is sign up with your email, grant the tool access to your Analytics account, & select your profile.

You’ll start getting notifications when you get new backlinks. The tool keeps track of your existing links, & you’ll be notified if they vanish.

The best part about it is that Monitor Backlinks will do all this for your competitors, too. This means you can add your competitors’ domain names into your tracking list, & the tool will send you notifications when they get a new link too.

That’s a very useful feature that will help you keep track of all your competitors’ link building campaigns. You can add keywords that you want to rank high for, & the tool will provide a side-by-side comparison of where you stand against your competitors.

It’s not just about knowing when you get good backlinks. The tool also notifies you of bad SEO links, such as 302 or 404 ‘page not found’ errors, or those that search engine bots will ignore. This includes links with a no-follow attribute & those which are on pages blocked from being indexed by a robots.txt file.

You can start with a free trial. A premium account will give you access to features like a keywords ranking checker for your website & your competitors, report exports, & a weekly report detailing your SEO progress.

Pricing for the premium version of this SEO tool begins from $24.90/month to monitor one domain with 500 unique links, two competitors & 50 keywords.

The Dublin, Ireland-based Monitor Backlinks was founded by CEO Razvan Girmacea in Jan 2012, & has raised US $65,000 in seed funding from SOSventures.

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