Mobile blogging app Heap is the Most Useful Startup of the Month – Aug 2015

mostusefulstartuplogoTo be candid, August has been a “dry” month. Not many startups or new apps were profiled….simply because very few, as compared to previous months, were born.

Our edit team went through the ones we did profile on these pages & picked on this new app called Heap for the coveted title of ‘Most Useful Startup of the Month’ for August 2015.


Reason 1 was that using Heap, just about anybody can create their own micro-magazines with no design, CMS & other associated Online publishing headaches. You can create versatile & individualized multimedia posts, with custom filters for your photos & videos, & up to 400 characters in each text element. + each Heap can have up to 5 videos.

So congratulations to the team at Heap.

Click here to read up on this app.




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