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Minter is an Instagram analytics tool that gives you hashtag as well as account analytics, & provides you with convenient account management features to make your interaction on Instagram “a lot easier.”

For starters, you get comprehensive insight into the demographics of your followers on Instagram. This includes everything from gender to location, including the top referring countries & cities. You can monitor your total follower count, followers lost & gained, & the breakup of this data by location.

Engagement analytics shows everything from top posts to the post & profile engagement rate. Optimization features offered by the tool include showing you the best time to post, most engaging post types, your top photo & video filters, top tags by interaction, etc.

Competitive analysis lets you compare your performance on Instagram against that of your competitors. You can monitor their follower count, & get all the same demographic & analytics data for their followers & engagement.

You can download & export reports from the tool in pdf or PowerPoint, & share them with your clients or colleagues.

Of course, all this works only if Minter has a database packed with information on Instagram users that it can refer to when providing you data about your followers. Minter claims they already have data on 96,778,381 users as of now. So that’s a pretty good start.

Minter offers a free 14-trial period, followed by monthly paid packages starting from US $20, which provides you analytics for up to 5,000 followers. A US $50/month package will allow for up to 20,000 followers, & a US $100/month package allows up to 100,000 followers.

A $250/month package that covers up to 500,000 followers is also available. For those with a really huge following, Minter offers a $500/month package that can monitor & manage accounts with a total of up to two million followers.

Note that you can manage & monitor multiple Instagram accounts, as long as the total follower count is as stated above.

The Instagram analytics tool was developed by Michael Minter. The company was founded in June 2014.

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