Microsoft launches smartphone app for organizing meetings called ‘Invite’ – New app

Microsoft has announced an app called ‘Invite’. A project of Microsoft Garage, this one’s all about organizing group microsoftinvitemeetings, but on mobile devices.

Invite is available for iPhones in the US & Canada, & is expected to come to Windows & Android phones,soon. The app works best for people with Office 365 business & school subscriptions, but also works great with any email—, Gmail & Yahoo Mail included.

The way Invite works is this:

  • You suggest times that work for you, & then invite attendees.
  • You can use the app to invite anyone with an email address—even if they are outside your organization.
  • They select all the times they can attend.


Once you’ve invited your attendees, they receive an email or an app notification if they have Invite installed. Attendees can then choose on the times that work for them, from the app itself or from a browser. They can also see what options work best for other attendees. Once everyone has responded, you pick the time that works best. You choose a final date and time whenever you’re ready. Just pick the time that most people can make the meeting and tap Send Calendar Invites to get it on their calendar.

According to a post on the official Microsoft Office blog, Invite is designed to overcome the biggest obstacle when scheduling meetings—not being able to see the calendars of attendees outside your organization.With Invite you won’t have to worry about whether attendees are inside or outside your organization, what platform they’re on, or whether they have less important meetings squatting on valuable calendar space. As the post says – Say hello to a simple mobile app that lets you find meeting times that work for everyone from anywhere. Invite. Accept. Done.

Image Credit: Microsoft blog




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