Messenger of Facebook fame comes to the Web

At 1st, there was social network Facebook. Then it got scattered. Things got added to it, then got deleted. Tools, services, whatever you may name it. Facebook’s Messenger, the standalone messaging tool, is a case in point.

Today, FB launched a Web version of Messenger. That’s right, you can log in from your desktop. But wasn’t chat part of FB to begin with. You are right there too. Last year though, the social network had spun off Messenger as a mandatory mobile phone app for those who wanted to chat with Facebook friends on mobile devices. Grr…said most FB users then.

Now, Messenger ressurects itself as a standalone desktop version. The use of Messenger is totally optional, claims FB. Which means, if you wanna chat with FB friends without logging into your main FB account, Messenger is the place to be.

The product is accessible at, & you may log in using your Facebook account. And of course, the web Messenger is in sync with the app so there’s a seamless transition. David Marcus, FB’s Vice President of messaging products, announced the launch in a Facebook post:

We’re excited to bring you a dedicated desktop experience with the launch of Check it out, and as always, let us know how we can make it better for you!

Marcus also clarified in the same post in reply to a user comment that Facebook did not intent to remove messaging from the main web platform. “That will never happen,” he replied.

1 of the main features of the desktop Messenger is that like Skype, you may call your friends & family wherever they are, & talk as long as you like. The calls are in HD, which means the calls are supposed to be better quality & voices sound clearer. Calls are free, but you’ll get charged for data when you aren’t on WiFi, says FB.

Image Credit: Facebook Messenger



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