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If you’re a small or medium sized company, & are looking to launch a new product, or rework an existing one, finding that creative guy or developer can be a challenge. You don’t have the time or the resources to go through thousands of resumes; you don’t want a permanent employee. You just want the work to be done on time & professionally, & you’re willing to hire the services of a freelancer. The catch is – you’re not sure where you’re going to find the right person.

As any HR person can tell you, matching the job with the right talent is at best a juggling of factors. Now, a company called ‘Zoe’ promises to take away your recruiting headaches by matching the job with the correct talent. From high end developers to creatives, Zoe claims you will be satisfied with their process in matching.

Hiring the freelance designer or developer is not quite so easy since there are so many waiting to offer their services. Who has the time to sift through the resumes? Well, Zoe has a system in place to do that job for you in a week’s time flat. They have over a 100 vetted freelance talents on their books. They start the process of matching the right elements by asking you about the exact nature of the job, and then joining the dots.

Here’s how Zoe works:

  • You tell it what exactly you are looking for
  • Team Zoe will then select the best talent
  • It will bring them on the team & commence
  • You hire, the design gets done, & the job is executed

Zoe has a system by which they are constantly refreshing their talent pool with designers & creatives who have “solid” technical expertise in their area. They call themselves “designers turned matchmakers”. You don’t have to pay until the match is successful, that is, until you have got the designer or developer of your dreams.

The company was founded by London, UK-based William Channer, who has helmed the Panda Network & Dorm Room Tycoon. A product designer & tech writer, Channer has over 2 decades of experience with startups, product design & recruiting.

– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. –  
Image Credit: Zoe
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