Master Password app generates passwords on demand

masterpasswordMaster Password is a password generation algorithm that generates passwords on demand using the Site, your name & the master password.

Put simply, you have no passwords for any of the Sites you visit. You just have a master password & the Master Password app.

However, unlike other password manager apps, this one doesn’t have a vault or Cloud storage where it stores all your log-in data. So there’s no data transferred over the networks, & you don’t need to be connected Online to get the password.

It’s just an app with an algorithm that is able to generate new passwords if you supply it the master password, along with your user & site names.

You can use it to log in using any device, including desktops & Macs, & Android & iOS phones. It will generate a new password for each site & log-in name every time you want using the master password.

It works even if you lose your device & have to recreate all your passwords from scratch. Get a new device, install the Master Password app & start generating your new passwords.

The app allows you to select different password types. The default is a balance between security, compatibility & convenience that provides security while being easy enough to remember & enter manually if needed.

You can also switch to a more secure type, or even a PIN type for bank cards, mobile phone sim locks, etc. The app also has a hybrid solution that allows you to save a custom password in the app. These passwords are AES encrypted using large keys derived from the master password.

This may come in handy for people who cannot change their passwords (for example – passwords provided to them by administrators), but still want to enhance the security for it.

The Master Password app was developed by Lhunath, founded by Canadian mobile software developer Maarten Billemont.

Click here to get the Master Password app on your iOS device.

For other devices, you can get the app from the app’s Website.




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