Make quick searches on your device & Internet with ‘Cerebro’

Are you always scratching your head worrying how you can help boost the speed with which your PC searches for Content? Well, Cerebro is a tool that helps you search everything in just a few clicks. In addition, it also searches across the internet.

It lets you interact with whatever you search by allowing you to open files in your default program. In addition, you can reveal the files in finder, copy contact details to clipboard while it offers you Google suggestions.

The tool allows you to “see” everything in 1 interface. Hence, with this tool’s latest update if you want maps, translations or files you’ll not need to open other applications. It has also integrated a plugin manager that helps you find & use what you want. In case there is no plugin you can use a simple API to build your plugins which you can share with other users.

Cerebro is free to download & is open source on GitHub. The latest version has seen the incorporation of some OSx Cerebro plugins. For example, the OSx-System plugin which helps you to automate your OSx system features. Or even the Cerebro-OSx-Contacts plugin that helps you search in OSx contacts app.

For other development plugins, you can use the gif plugin to find relevant gifs or the Cerebro-IP plugin that allows you to show your local & external IP addresses. On the other hand, the newly updated IMDB plugin helps you to find films on whereas the Cerebro-emoj plugin helps you to find relevant emoji from a text. It also has a calculator & a smart converter among its core plugins.

Cerebro is available for Windows, Mac as well as Linux operating systems. After installation of the tool, you can use its default shortcut ctrl+space to show an app window. This default shortcut is customizable using the icon in the menu bar under preferences.

This startup’s headquarters is in Moscow, Russia.


 - This is a startup profile based on publicly available material & not a review - 

Image Credit: Cerebro 



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