No Net connection? Fret not. Learn to code with the Lrn app – New app

lrnLrn is an app that helps you learn to code through a series of interactive mini-quizzes. You just need to download the app once, & then you can use it even without connecting to the Internet.

Using Lrn will give you an understanding of how a programming language works & how to write the code yourself.

You don’t need to have any experience in programming to start using the app, & it’s designed to work in a minimal mobile environment where you don’t need the Internet or even a keyboard.

Lrn was developed by Manhattan US-based Lrn Labs, Inc. The startup’s co-founder & CEO Nathan Bernard commuted to work from his home in Brooklyn, & wanted to use the time productively. Research showed that 80% of people used their mobile devices through their entire train commute, & they didn’t surf the Web because New York’s Metropolitan Transit Authority didn’t offer Internet connectivity on the Subway.

Instead, the study found that most people played games on their mobile devices when they were stuck in a train without the Internet. But Lrn didn’t want to develop a game to pass the time, so it created something that’s just as immersive as a game. With an immersive mobile experience sans the Internet as the proof point, it came up with the idea of an app that helps you learn to code in JavaScript by taking interactive mini-quizzes.

The quizzes have a game-like feel, with multiple choice or fill in the blank type questions.

The free to download Lrn app was developed by NYC-based Lrn Labs, Inc., founded by Nathan Bernard, Chirag Jain, & Logan Bernard. The Lrn learn to code app is currently available for iOS device users. An Android version is in the works.

Click here to download the Lrn app on your iOS device.

An Android version is coming soon.

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