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Converting visitors to your Website to become customers is a tricky affair. Often, they will just look at the goods & services up on offer, & after spending some minutes (increasing your heartbeat), they will probably leave, leaving you, the Website owner, heartbroken.

But what if you could ‘live’ chat with them, & convince them to come on to your side?

There are, of course, many ‘live’ chat apps available in the market today. But providing seamless & smooth customer support need not be an idyllic notion. ‘Talkus’ offers a helping hand, allowing you to monitor visitors, ultimately convincing them to become loyal customers. You answer their questions, you let them engage with your support team, all within the team collaborative tool Slack. Thus, you are able to handle requests on multiple fronts.

With this app, you are on Slack, & the visitors can be anywhere. They start chatting on the Website, sometimes continuing by email, but all conversations remain on Slack. Several discussions can be handled with ease, so that you can collaborate with team mates to offer superior insights for the customer. All your conversations are archived, & you can easily check your history if there is a repeat request for a chat.

Talkus offers:
• Full customization
• A human face to talk to
• Email fall back
• Visitor screenshot
• Ability to edit texts and messages
• Visitor information
• Text formatting
• Image & video embedding

So when a customer wants to chat, all he/she does is open the Talkus button on the Website. A new ticket is issued immediately as you attempt to guide the customer through the process. If you are busy at the moment, an email fallback option allows you to communicate with the visitor at a better time.

The app was developed by Vianney Lecroart, a French developer & consultant. He says: Your users see a beautiful chat window on your Website: all their chat messages are piled in your Talkus channel in your own Slack. With simple Slack commands, you can assign them to your team, take screenshots for your users and invite your expert teammates to the discussion, in addition to all the cool Slack features (auto-completion, emojis, etc). Talkus also automatically performs a user satisfaction survey when you close tickets and remembers all you need to know about your customers.

FYi, Lecroart was one of the organizers of the Paris edition of AngelHack, the biggest hackathon competition in the world in 2012.

Talkus is available for a trial period for free but after that, you need to subscribe to 1 of their paid packages.


– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. – 

Image Credit: Talkus



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