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‘Keycast’ lets you do live, replayable blogging. As you type, your viewers see what you’re typing, including mistakes & Freudian slips. After you’re done casting you can watch a playback of the ‘live’ blog event, just as if it were going on ‘live’.

Have you ever wanted to just write & have your words appear in your audience’s screen as you type them? This can be a very useful feature if want to get a point across & are improvising as you do so. This can lend a “human touch” to your presentations or blog posts that’s just not achievable by standard means.

As is stated in the product page, “Keycast breathes new life into content creation by preserving the humanity behind it, bringing a new level to every piece that’s published.” Or as they say in their copy, Keycast is transparent, replayable & authentic.

An account can be created for free in about 13 seconds by signing up here. You just provide Keycast with your name, an email address & a password, or log in with your Google account & you’re all set.

According to a Keycast blog from Alex MacArthur, the founder of the startup, which is based in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, the reasons for wanting to use this platform are:

  • It helps you to be a good writer by pressuring you & pushing your mind into meeting the challenge of writing with “more intentionality, thoughtfulness & skill.”
  • Can make you be more thoughtful about the words you use. You can’t hide behind a prepared speech & you’re not easily “able to hide behind a screen with the capability to go back & sharpen your words, everything that comes out of your head while you’re casting is up for grabs – there’s no taking it back.”
  • Meant to shake up written media vs. the static nature of other text. It lets you see the thought process, decisions, regrets, etc. as they’re being made & developed. It makes Content be much less passive.


– This is a startup profile based on publicly available material & not a review – 
Image Credit: Keycast

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