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Whether you are an entrepreneur, a student or a management professional, tools are something you will need & use regularly. The efficacy & relevance of the tools you use shapes your working.

Say, you are a startup or an entrepreneur & need a list of possible development Sites. It would be helpful if they were all in one well-crafted & tried out list. That’s what toolbird claims to provide you with – a list of Online tools to help you accomplish your business goals.

Their tagline gives an inkling about what they are offering: “Discover what Online tools other successful startups use”. For startups, achieving efficiency in their workflow, maximizing available resources & easy access to Online tools needed to run the business, is worth its weight in gold.

Toolbird is a Netherlands based startup. Jorrit Baerends, Founder of toolbird said elsewhere his aim was to help other startups & entrepreneurs with relevant sets of Online tools since he himself has experienced how crucial tools lists are. Searching for the right tools takes up a lot of valuable time, and which entrepreneur can afford not to optimize temporal resources? At toolbird, anyone can start up a list, add suggestions to an existing list, & vote on the suggestions in the lists.

Grouped under useful headings like analytics, development & design, customer service, finance & accounting, human resources, marketing, project management etc, toolbird gives suggestions that make life simpler for the startup. New lists include inventory management & accounting, personal WebsiteV card & monitoring. For instance under the customer feedback & reviews list, you will find Doorbell, Feedback by Eager, Review Trackers, Yotpo & Power Reviews.

You can start up a new list as well. Trending lists give a fair idea of popularity combined with efficacy.

- This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. -


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