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Liner is a mobile app & browser extension that functions as a Web highlighter. You can highlight text in everything from news articles to blog posts & study material.

The basic use is pretty simple – While the highlight mode is on, you select the part of the text you want to highlight & drag, & choose from 3 different highlight colors.

You don’t even need to run the Liner app to do this. There’s an iOS Share extension that lets you run Liner from within other apps, including mobile Web browsers. You can also directly get the browser extension from the Chrome Web Store. Apart from the fact that highlighting specific phrases makes it easier to read & remember, there are also plenty of features in Liner for what you want to do with the highlighted text after that.

Swipe left if you want to favorite, share, or archive articles. This makes it easy to save & store links in the Liner app, & then open them up later through the app when you have time for it. You can also export highlights & comments to Evernote.

As far as sharing is concerned, you can share only the highlights, or the entire article with highlights on it. Liner will let you do this through a message, email, social media sharing on Twitter & Facebook, & any other apps you have on your phone.

The app generates a special link when you start making highlights, so you can share it through any application you have. Recipients of the share don’t even have to download Liner to see the highlights on the shared link. Highlighted pages are stored in the cloud, & are available for viewing by recipients on any device & browser.

San Jose, CA-based Liner was developed by Aurumplanet Co., Ltd., co-founded by Jinu Kim, Brian Woo, & Jay Lim. Jinu Kim is the firm’s CEO, while Jay is the CTO & Brian is their CMO.

Click here to download the Liner mobile Web highlighter app on your iOS device.

Click here for the desktop browser extension from the Chrome Web Store.

- This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. -
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