Your daily life on a dashboard, that’s ‘Instant’ for you – New app

The world, nay, your life, is increasingly getting monitored, mostly by others, occasionally by you. An award winning new smartphone app called Instant, released by Emberify, just took self-monitoring or logging, or whatever you may call it, to a whole new level. This new app allows you to track your daily activities, including device usage, applications usage, your fitness, places where you travel, what you eat…you get the drift?

Winner of the Google Fit Developer Challenge, Instant comes with recommendations from lifeloggers & what are called, ‘Quantified Self’ aficionados. So now you can track how much time you spent ‘Whatsapp -ing’, or on Instagram, how long it takes to jog to the park or how much time you spent at the bar after work. The tagline – Your Life on a Dashboard – reiterates the goal of journaling your daily activities automatically.

Instant offers graphs, a widget for quick tracking, & is integrated with Google Fit to track fitness and travel time. The current version, 3.1.2, offers UI enhancements & improved app usage tracking.

Here’s a video on how Instant works:

The notion of the Quantified Self is gaining traction among people. Mark Moschel, who leads the Chicago Quantified Self & Chicago Biohacking meetup communities, believes this trend of quantifying our lives to gain a better understanding of our activities, & thereby improve our lives, is not new. But a newer dimension that technology has added, has opened new frontiers. People all over the world are now tracking simple activities like how many glasses of water they are drinking in a day, to more complex fitness goals. The idea is that instead of leaving the more crucial parameters of our lives to chaotic emotions & hasty decisions, we track repeat behaviors, draw conclusions & modify our activities for the best possible outcomes.

Shaswat Pradhan, Pune, India-based CEO/Founder of Emberify has said elsewhere they were refining the app & contextual tracking parameters within the app.

Click here to download Instant on your iOS device.

Click here to download Instant on your Android device.


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